27 June, 2008


Disclaimer: Don't read if you are offended by abbreviations of papal names.


Yesterday was my day off, and a day off is a glorious thing. One of the many things I did was visit our local Catholic bookshop, Agnus Dei - which aside from containing a wide assortment of religious literature and vestments also is a good reminder of amazing conversations I'd previously forgotten.

Last time I was in San Luis Obispo I said my farewells to a lovely town, filled with friends; however, I also talked a good deal about the abolishment of Limbo. For those of you who don't keep up on the news of the Catholic church, on April 27, 2007, Pope Benedict XVI reversed the churches' stance on Limbo - namely he abolished it. What does this mean? Namely, all infants and Jewish Patriarchs were sent directly to heaven. Now, this doesn't mean a change in doctrine, for Limbo was never officially recognized by the church as a theological certainty.

"Eric," you interject, "I'm certain this is all very interesting, but perhaps this would better fit your silly little experiment in Sencha Steeping. Why bore us here too?"

Well my saucy, dear reader, I give this to you here because of a conversation I had with Brian and Ben whilst in San Luis about how good Catholics throw around the term JP II. For those who aren't up on the hip-Catholic slang, that is how the cool kids talk about John Paul II, the pontiff prior to Benedict.

Now, I thought that maybe I should be offended by this, but as earlier noted, I have heard my devout Catholic friends liberally toss around this term. So, following in their ways, B, B and I decided that we should give our current Pope a nice little pet name as well. B-16 it is!

Really, the only reason this is remotely funny to me (in the most horrible way possible) is that B-16 bombed the hell out of Limbo.

I wonder if Dante's Purgatorio will now be relegated to being as apochraphal as Milton?

Well, B-16, wherever you are, keep flying high and flying free - soar them babies straight to heaven.


Disclaimer: that wasn't so bad, was it?

19 June, 2008

Workaholicism Pt. II

Summer is upon us! How I've missed the 15 hour days, the blazing sun, and the intestinal woes!

In all honesty, I really have been looking forward to this. The counselors are finishing up their lessons, the campers are packing their bags (or at least putting it off until Saturday night), and I now have more certifications and licenses than you can shake a stick at! What does this mean for me? I'm tired. What does it mean for you? I'm not writing.

How can we both get what we want in this situation? My not doing anything and your enjoying my wit. Oh, I have an idea! Maybe I can start a little podcast for the summer? Let's see where that goes... Hmm...